Special Program for Sports

The Special Program in Sports (SPS)

The Special Program in Sports (SPS) is in line with efforts of the DepEd to institutionalize a program that will identify/ discover students with potential sports talents and train them for higher levels of athletic competitions.

The Special Program for Sports offers a four year secondary curriculum patterned after that of a regular high school, with specialization in the following sports:

Team Athletics Individual/Dual
Baseball Arnis
Basketball Badminton
Football Gymnastics
Sepak Takraw Lawn Tennis
Softball Taekwondo
Volleyball Swimming

The student should pass the screening test made of 2 phases:

1. Written Test -IQ
2. Performance Test -Based on Specialization

Requirements and Fee:

  1. Duly accomplished application form
  2. Two (2) latest & identical 2″ x 2″ pictures with name tag
  3. Photocopy of Grade VI Report Card duly certified correct by the Elementary Principal or bring original copy of report card together with a photocopy to be certified by the BCNHS Guidance Counselor.
  4. Grade Requirement (Final Rating): A general average of 80% or higher and no grade lower than 80% in any subject.
  5. Photocopy of Birth Certificate duly certified correct by NSO (must 11-13 years old)
  6. Parental consent that the student may undergo rigid training in specialized sports
  7. Examination fee.


1. Have no grade lower than 80% in all academic subjects in all grading periods.

2. Have no grade lower than 83% in their specialization /PE in all grading periods.

3. Be physically and mentally fit.

4. Posses good behavior and demonstrate consistent improvement on their performance.

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